Self Help & Recovery Services

            Services for individuals who have experienced a mental illness
Personalized Information and Assistance
One-to-one support is provided to help individuals explore their options, connect with community resources and resolve issues relating to their living arrangements, educational or work goals, transportation needs and personal relationships.  This may involve working with staff and /or individuals who have experienced similar issues.
Drop In Center                  539 South Avenue Rochester, NY 14620
The Center provides confidential support and information about community resources for individuals with mental illnesses who are experiencing non-medical difficulties.  The Center is open seven nights a week from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and is located on the #5 bus line.  Support is provided by individuals who themselves have similar mental health issues.  The Center is not designed to serve those who are are experiencing a mental health emergency.  These individuals should contact a mental health professional.
Warmline Phone Service   454-3530
The phone service is provided seven days a week from 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and individuals who have experienced similar mental health issues provide callers with mental wellness support and community resources information.
Life Management, Skills Building and Recovery Classes for Individual with Mental Illnesses
These classes are held at several of the MHA's locations.  Examples of class topics include developing support systems, stress management, coping with symptoms of mental illnesses and managing recovery.
Support Groups
We offer the Wellness Journey Self-Help Group where those with mental illness can share their experiences and a Hoarding Group for individuals and families.
Creative arts sessions and activities that promote recovery among adults with mental illnesses.  Examples include music lessons, painting classes dance and creative writing. 
Support for Families with Children with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges (Better Days Ahead)
Personalized Information and Assistance
Family mentors are assigned to families who are experiencing a time of significant change or crisis.  It may be when a child is first diagnosed, when they come home from a residential placement or when symptoms are not being managed.  The family mentors work with the families at a location of their choice.  Together they identify goals to accomplish, identify areas of strength that the family has and help them to find resources and supports to enhance their own stengths.    
 Support Groups
A number of support groups are offered.
Parents of Teens
Peace Group for Teens
Hispanic Support Group
Families Helping Families
Call for meeting times and locations.  
Family Development 
They are many opportunities for families to gain skills and support through our discussion groups and family development skills trainings.  Trainings and discussions are facilitated by staff who themselves have had an experience  as a parent of a child with emotional and behavioral challenges.  Some of the trainings are based on research-proven curriculum. 
Classes change on a monthly basis.

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