Anger Management


Adolescent (and Children) Anger Management Groups

Various therapy groups available for children and adolescents. Groups focus on skills building. Must be a patient of Unity Health System.

Meeting Details

  • Location: Call for Information
  • Time: Call for Information
  • Fee: Covered by many insurances. Sliding payment fee may be available
  • Facilitation: Professional Therapists
  • Eligibility: Children and adolescents. Must be patients of Unity Health. Initial evaluation needed.

Contact Information

James Meyer, Ph.D, CGP, Greece Campus 368-6705, Carol Tichenor, Greece Campus 368-6712, John Mele, MS.Ed, St. Mary’s Campus 368-8580, Sue Stuckless, St. Mary’s Campus 368-6517, Jay Pruiett, LSMS, Evelyn Brandon Campus 368-6900, Mary Warchocki, Evelyn Brandon Campus 368-6929,

Groups at Greece Campus (100 Pinewild Dr.), St. Mary’s Campus (835 W. Main Street, Rochester) and Evelyn Brandon (81 Lake Avenue, Rochester)

Sponsored by: Unity Health System

Adult Anger Management Group

12-week professional therapy group for men and women that includes cognitive restructuring, relaxation coping skills and social skills training. Must be a patient of Unity Health System to participate.

Meeting Details

  • Location: Call for information
  • Time: Call for information
  • Fee: Call for information
  • Facilitation: Professional therapist
  • Eligibility: For individuals 18 years and older

Contact Information

James Meyer, 368-6700, John Mele, 368-6550, Jay Pruiett, 368-6900,

Three locations (Greece, St. Mary’s Campus and Evelyn Brandon Campus)

Sponsored by: Unity Health Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

Men’s Domestic Violence Group

A 26-session group for men involved in re-entry for probation or parole

Meeting Details

  • Location: 70 Liberty Pole Way, Rochester NY
  • Time: Two groups – Monday and Thursday 9:45 – 10:45 a.m.
  • Fee: No fee
  • Facilitation: Professional Facilitators
  • Eligibility: For men involved in re-entry from probation or parole

Contact Information

No specific contact person, 987-9800 Ext. 2346,

300 E. Main Street Rochester, NY 14604

Sponsored by: Salvation Army

Stress and Anger Management Group

These are time-limited groups that engage individuals in exploring, identifying and changing impulsive anger responses. Must be homeless or a veteran to attend.

Meeting Details

  • Location: Salvation Army, 300 E. Main Street, Rochester
  • Time: Call for information
  • Fee: No fee
  • Facilitation: Professional and member facilitators
  • Eligibility: For individuals 18+ and older who are veterans or homeless

Contact Information

No specific contact person, 987-9500 ext. 2353,

300 E. Main Street Rochester, NY 14604

Sponsored by: Salvation Army

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