Finding Your Way Guide


This guide is intended to assist consumers of behavioral health services, their families and professionals in finding and accessing appropriate mental health services in Monroe and Livingston Counties. Services are listed according to categories. As programs, services and addresses may change, we recommend that persons interested in a particular listing call that agency or organization directly to obtain more complete information on eligibility requirements and the services provided. An individual can’t be turned away from services due to an inability to pay for them. Inclusion of an agency or organization does not imply endorsement of its services, nor does exclusion imply disapproval.

The second half of the guide provides useful information related to topics of concern to consumers and their families such as types of mental illnesses, medications and how to access treatment. This guide does not attempt to list the many services in our community available for other types of disabilities. The listings are meant to be a starting point and additional information can be obtained by calling the listed agencies, 2-1-1 of the Finger Lakes Region or in Monroe call 2-1-1 or reference on the internet.

The Mental Health Association chooses to describe individuals who have received or are receiving mental health services as consumers. This description appears consistently throughout this publication.

The Mental Health Association of Rochester and Monroe County Inc. provides education, information and support to the community. We gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Michael G. McGrath M.D. for updating the section on medications, Neil Rowe, Deputy Director of Mental Hygiene Legal Services for updating information related to consumer rights, and the Monroe County Office of Mental Health for providing the funding to develop and distribute this publication.

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