Outpatient Treatment

Livingston County

As an outpatient, an individual may become involved in a variety of treatment settings. Duration of treatment and focus of the program may vary according to the needs of the individual. A person may access outpatient services without having been in an inpatient psychiatric setting.

Mental Health

Clinic treatment provides a comprehensive array of services, including assessment and treatment planning, verbal and medication therapies, crisis services and case management. The focus of clinic treatment is generally on    psychotherapeutic intervention and medical/psychiatric issues to promote recovery, improve coping skills and improve mental health symptoms.

Livingston County Mental Health Services


Clinic services for adults and children

Noyes Mental Health Service


Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Outpatient services include a comprehensive evaluation of personal alcohol or drug concerns, with the development of an individualized treatment plan.  The treatment program may include a combination of individual and group counseling, family counseling or referral to other levels of care.

Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse (Casa) Of Livingston County



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Peer Support Services
Drop-in Center
Life Skills Services
Creative Wellness Opportunities
Family Support Servives