Residential Services

Residential Services

Although Livingston County has a limited number of mental health residential services available within the county, a variety of resources are also available in neighboring counties.  Access to mental health residential services both within and outside of the county are coordinated through the Livingston County Single Point of Access (SPOA) Program.

Livingston County Mental Health Services Single Point Of Access (SPOA)


Manages access to care coordination and residential services for adults as well as children/youth.

Other residential resources within Livingston County

Arbor Development

Provides mental health supported housing and emergency respite housing, both of which can be accessed through the Livingston County SPOA program listed above.  Other types of non-mental health residential services are also available.

DePaul Supported and Transitional Housing

(585) 344-3727

DePaul has two apartments in Livingston County that provide short-term housing to adult individuals who in addition to their mental illness, are in need of immediate and safe housing. The two-bedroom apartment may be utilized by someone who has a family member or a dependent living with them. The goal of this program is to provide someone who is in a housing crisis with short-term housing while the Mental Health Department works with the individual to secure more permanent housing. Both apartments are furnished and are stocked with non-perishable food items. DePaul staff with visit the individuals who will be utilizing these apartments on a regular basis.

Lakeview Mental Health Services

Provides mental health and supported housing services in Livingston County which can be accessed through the Livingston County SPOA program listed above.  Lakeview also provides a range of mental health services outside of Livingston County.

Livingston County Department of Social Services


Livingston County DSS provides housing assistance and access to other services.

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Peer Support Services
Drop-in Center
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