Addiction Treatment

Emergency and Crisis

Crisis Services, including detoxification and withdrawal services, are for individuals who are actively using drugs and/or alcohol and who (i) are at risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms if they stop using those drugs and alcohol, (ii) are experiencing situational crisis’ related to their use of drugs or alcohol, (iii) are unable to stop using drugs and alcohol outside of a structured setting. Crisis Services are currently available on an inpatient and an outpatient basis based on individual need.

Syracuse Behavioral Health (Sbh)-Rochester Evaluation Center


  • Serves adults ages 18+
  • Operates 25 medically supervised or monitored crisis beds in an inpatient setting.

Rochester Regional Health

Unity Hospital-Outpatient Detox

(585) 723-1198

Serves adults ages 18+

Inpatient Rehabilitation

If a person’s symptoms are severe or if they have not been able to stop using drugs and alcohol while engaged in outpatient treatment, an inpatient setting may be appropriate. This includes a 24-hour day program that offers medical supervision, education, and support in a comfortable environment that’s completely focused on recovery.

Upon discharge from an inpatient unit, an individual plan will be developed, which will include referrals for all appropriate posthospitalization services. These may include chemical dependency, medical, mental health, vocational, housing and psychosocial services.

  • L. Norris ATC 461-0410
  • Serves adults ages 18+
  • Serves Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Rochester Regional Health

Unity Hospital

(585) 723-7366

Chemical Dependency Inpatient Unit

  • Serves adults ages 18+
  • Serves English and Spanish speaking


Outpatient treatment is designed for individuals who have a dependence or abuse condition, but who are able to participate in treatment and comply with treatment outside a 24-hour treatment setting. Programs use an individualized approach to providing services which include assessment, crisis intervention, group, individual and family therapy, and medication management. Family, friends and other supportive individuals are encouraged to be involved in outpatient treatment.

Action For A Better Community—New Directions


Serves adults ages 18+

Baden Street Settlement

325-8130 Ext. 201

Serves adults ages 18+

Catholic Family Center-Restart

546-1271 Ext. 6258 (Intake)

  • Serves adults ages 18+
  • Serves Spanish-Speaking individuals
  • Integrated co-occurring track for mental health and substance abuse

Conifer Park


556 Clinton Avenue South
Rochester, New York 14620

Serves youth and adults – are often able to accept walk-ins for treatment/MAT services.

Delphi Drug & Alcohol Council

467-2230 EXT. 121

Serves adults ages 18+

Huther-Doyle Memorial Institute

325-5100 EXT. 3571

  • Serves adults ages 18+
  • Serves Spanish-Speaking individuals

Rochester Regional Health

(585) 922-2705

Behavioral Health Of Rochester General

Serves adults ages 18+

Behavioral Health of Unity Health

(585) 723-7740

Serves adults ages 18+

Villa Of Hope

865-1550 EXT. 213

Serves youth under age 18

Sister’s Hospital-Pathways


  • Serves adults ages 18+
  • Provides Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Strong Recovery


  • Serves adults ages 18+
  • Provides comprehensive outpatient services
  • Provides Medication assisted treatment including methadone maintenance when indicated
    Sobriedad Fuerte provides an integrated approach for treatment of co-occurring disorders for the Latino population.

Westfall Associates


Serves youth and adults

Care Coordination

Adults who need additional support to successfully navigate services, particularly those who would benefit from linkages to services to address chemical dependency, mental health and physical health needs can be referred to a case manager/care coordinator. The case manager/care coordinator works to assure the success of the treatment plan by linking the individual to appropriate services and coordinating those services in a way that organizes everyone’s efforts around the client’s goals.

Rochester Regional Health

Recovery Connection

At Rochester General Hospital


At Catholic Family Center Restart

546-1271 EXT. 6383

This program is designed for individuals who have received frequent detoxification or other intensive levels of service, but who have not yet been successful in linking to any sustained addiction services. Care Coordinators are available through Catholic Family Center’s Restart Outpatient Treatment Services and Rochester General Health System’s Addiction Services

Rapid Engagement Delivery

(Red) Project 753-6333

Rapid Engagement is a service of the Monroe County Department of Human Services/Office of Mental Health. The Engagement Facilitator is available through the Office of Mental Health to individuals in Monroe County who have a substance use/co-occurring disorder. The program is designed to make recovery possible for individuals who have had frequent unsuccessful DHS application attempts and/or use of Emergency Housing services. Contact Person: James A. Felicita – 753-6333

Residential Services

All residential chemical dependence services provide the following services: counseling, peer group counseling, supportive services, educational services, structured activity and recreation and orientation to community services. Residential services seek to provide the necessary coping skills and self-sufficiency for an individual to initiate and maintain an abstinent life-style. Services are generally paid for with funding from SSI, SDD, Monroe County Public Assistance and Medicaid or personal income.

Residential Programs

Intensive Residential Program (IR)

Individuals appropriate for this service category include persons unable to comply with treatment outside a 24 hour setting as evidenced by recent unsuccessful attempts at abstinence or prior treatment episodes including unsuccessful outpatient treatment with substantial deficits in functional skills or in need of ongoing management of medical and/or psychiatric problems.

Residential Rehabilitation Services for Youth (RRSY)

The RRSY program is designed specifically to serve chemically dependent individuals who are under the age of 21. The RRSY program will provide active treatment, including structured therapeutic activities, as well as clinical, medical, educational and recreational services.

Community Residences (CR)

These services provide a structural therapeutic milieu while residents are concurrently enrolled in an outpatient chemical dependence service which provides addition counseling. Community Residence services are located in neighborhood/community settings and provide group living in a home environment.

Supportive Living (SL)

These services provide a minimum level of professional support which includes a weekly visit to the site and a weekly contact of the resident by a clinical staff member. Supportive living options provide community-based supervised living within shared or single apartment units.

Catholic Family Center – Restart


  • Offers IR/CR/SL
  • Serves adults ages 18+
  • Serves women and children

East House


Chemical Dependency Program

  • Offers CR/SL
  • Serves adults ages 18+

Rochester Regional Health
Unity/Greece Chemical Dependency

(585) 723-7740

  • Offers RRSY – Serves youth 14 to 21
  • Offers CR – Serves women ages 18+

Villa Of Hope


  • Offers RRSY
  • Serves youth up to age 21

Veteran’s Outreach Center


  • Offers SL, Emergency and Transitional Housing
  • Serves adults ages 18+



  • Offers SL
  • Serves women ages 18+ with and without children

Recovery Supports

Non-clinical, community-based programs and services that assist individuals in maintaining their recovery.

Rochester/Monroe Recovery Network


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Peer Support Services
Drop-in Center
Life Skills Services
Creative Wellness Opportunities
Family Support Servives