Care Management


Adults who need additional supports to successfully navigate services can be assigned to a Care Manager. These care management services are available to adults with a mental illness who have care management needs OR those who receive Medicaid, have two or more chronic conditions, and have care management needs.

Care Managers work to support recovery by linking individuals to appropriate services, coordinating care, health promotion, transitional care (including appropriate follow-up from inpatient to other settings), individual and family supports and referrals to community and social supports tailored to the individual needs. Care Managers work with individuals to establish and attain recovery goals and to minimize the utilization of emergency and inpatient services

These services are provided by a number of different agencies within our community. For information on programs available, eligibility and referral process, please contact the Adult Single Point of Access (SPOA) Coordinator at the Monroe County Office of Mental Health: 753-2874 or 753-2879

The Monroe County Adult Care Management referral can be found at:

Rochester General Health System


  • Intensive and Supportive Case Management
  • Serves adults ages 18+

Strong Behavioral Health


  • Intensive and Supportive Case Management
  • Serves adults ages 18+

Unity Health System


  • Intensive and Supportive Case management
  • Serves adults ages 18+


Children’s care coordination services can be obtained through the Single Point of Access (SPOA) process and include Case/Care Management: Intensive and Supportive, Care Coordination, and Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver. For information on programs available, eligibility and the referral process, please contact the Children’s Single Point of Access (SPOA) Manager at the Monroe County Office of Mental Health:  753-2881

Hillside Family Of Agencies


Home and Community Based Services – Waiver Program Care Coordination serves children and youth ages 5-21

Liberty Resources Behavioral Health Clinic


A licensed mental health clinic serving adults and children.  Provides individual and family therapy, case management, psychiatric evaluation and medication management.  Also offers walk-in hours for those seeking initial services.

Villa Of Hope

  • HCBS Waiver
  • Intensive Case Management
  • Care Coordination
  • Serves children and young people ages 5-21

Comprehensive Care Initiatives

These programs serve individuals with serious mental illness who are experiencing extreme difficulty in accessing or maintaining mental health services. These individuals may be homeless, have a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations or incarcerations/arrests or are experiencing mental illness along with chemical abuse issues Many times, these programs “go to the individual” to deliver a variety of needed services.

Strong Ties Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team


The New York State licensed ACT team is a specialty program located within Strong Ties that utilizes a multidisciplinary treatment team approach to provide intensive outreach mental health services to those with serious mental health disorders who do not readily access traditional clinic services in our community.  The ACT team provides 24/7 availability and daily clinical services to those clients deemed most impaired due to their mental disorders within the Monroe County region.

Rochester Regional Health Behavioral Health Of Rochester General Micanet

(585) 922-2743

Provides linkage with and coordination of treatment services for persons who are 18+ years, are severely and persistently mentally ill and who also have a substance use disorder.

Recovery Supports

Non-clinical, community based programs and services that assist individuals in maintaining their recovery.



An organization dedicated to helping individuals receiving mental health services find social supports in their community through friendship. Community volunteers are recruited and matched in mentor relationships. Program coordinators train volunteers and monitor matches in order to guide successful relationships. Clients in transition to matches are encouraged to participate in Compeer and community events, with the goal of linking people to resources to sustain health. Programs include: One-to-One Friendships, Compeer Calling and E-Buddies, Compeer CORPS Veterans Services and Supportive Partners. Referrals are made by community mental health providers

Mental Health Association

(585) 325-3145

The Mental Health Association teaches skills and provides support to individuals allowing them to make informed decisions on the path to mental wellness. Programs focus on providing impartial, confidential information and services to people with a wide range of mental health related issues. Programs include:

Education and Advocacy Services

Consumer Guides are available to help individuals with mental illnesses understand and access the options and resources available to them, address treatment or care issues or answer questions related to individual rights.  Accepts Tickets to Work.

Peer Coaches are paired with individuals having mental health concerns to assist them in developing and working towards personal living goals in areas such as housing, transportation, developing social/recreational options, employment issues, maintaining wellness with chronic illnesses, and personal relationship building.

In addition, these services educate the public by providing practical information for the community on a variety of mental health topics.

Family Support Services

The program provides support, education, information, and respite services for families raising children with emotional or behavioral challenges. Support group meetings are offered at various times and locations. Respite for and transportation to meetings is available. Family Support Services also offers telephone support, information and referral, school advocacy and Family Development classes.

Creative Wellness Opportunities

A peer-run self-help program whose mission is to share in creating an evolving environment where individuals respect and encourage each other on a journey of wellness.  The Coalition inspires growth by sharing their collective wisdom and experiences within a variety of self-help groups in a non-clinical environment. The Coalition respects and encourages diverse perspectives while for striving for personal balance using strength based strategies both individually and as a group.  Peer services include an active visual arts studio, gallery and exhibits.  Workshops for other expressions, such as music, writing and dance, are just a few examples of additional programming.  Opportunities for complementary therapies often included in the schedule include, Reiki, Yoga and meditation.

Life Skills Services

(585) 224-2005

A peer-run recovery center that assists individuals to take an active role in their mental health and recovery.

Self-Help Drop-In Services

(585) 454-3530

The Center, located at 539 South Avenue (on the #5 bus route), is open seven days a week from 5 – 9:00 p.m. It provides peer to peer mental wellness support and community resource information on a walk-in, no referral required, no appointment needed basis. No fees are charged to guests for service. Persons who themselves are successfully resolving mental health issues staff and volunteer with the Program.

Nami Rochester, Ny (The Local Affiliate Of The National Alliance On Mental Illness)


Self-help, not for profit grassroots organization providing support, education and advocacy to individuals and families of all cultural backgrounds who are living with mental illness. Services support groups, educational meetings, peer & family led classes, referrals to community resources, warm line, newsletters, website. These programs are offered at no cost. Speakers available on request. Annual membership in the local, state and national organizations is $35 per year, $3 for those with limited income. Meeting locations in Monroe, Ontario, Wayne and Genesee counties.

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Peer Support Services
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Life Skills Services
Creative Wellness Opportunities
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