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Monroe County Office of Mental Health


Coordinates, monitors, and funds services for individuals who have mental health issues, alcohol and substance use problems, and developmental disabilities. Key services provided by MCOMH (which are described in detail in the website www.monroecounty.gov) include: community education, Assisted Outpatient Treatment (Kendra’s Law), Disaster Mental Health Response Team, the Monroe County System of Care, Rapid Engagement Delivery (RED) Team, Single Point of Access (SPOA) for care management and residential services, Socio-Legal Center (including court evaluations and transition management), SWAT Youth Council and TIG Consortium/Grief Resources.

The Community Services Board (CSB) and its subcommittees for Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Alcoholism/ Substance Abuse services provide advice to the Director of Mental Health. The CSB and its subcommittees are comprised of consumers, family members, providers and interested citizens.

Services in all disability areas are provided through contracts with local agencies, utilizing county and state funding. The office also serves as an information and referral source.

NYS Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs


Provides a broad range of advocacy services regarding care and treatment, information and referral pertaining to disability issues, and technical assistance regarding the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Also provides training on various disability-related issues for agencies. Serves individuals with any disability.

Information/Referral Line

Provides information on any disability question or concern

Vulnerable Persons Central Register Hotline


A 24/7 line to report allegations of abuse, neglect and significant incidents occurring in any Office of Mental Health (OMH) or OASAS (Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services) agency.

Justice Center

161 Deleware Ave.
Delmar, NY 12054
I/R Line 800-624-4143
Hotline 855-373-2122

NYS Department Of Health


Office of Professional Medical Conduct

Investigates complaints of medical misconduct by physicians, specialist assistants and physician assistants when appropriate.

NYS Education Department


Office of the Professions

Accepts professional conduct complaints about all professions except medical doctors. To find out if a practitioner is currently registered in New York State, call 518-474-3817 or visit the online license verification guide at www.op4info.nysed.gov

Legal Supports

Mental Hygiene Legal Service


Responsible for protecting and advocating for rights of persons who reside in facilities licensed to provide services for mental illness, developmental disabilities or alcoholism, and for people alleged to be in need of care and treatment in a licensed facility.

Monroe County Priority And Socio-Legal Services


Provides mental health consultation and services to the courts and other departments in the criminal justice system. The Socio-Legal Services brings together agencies with a shared interest in ensuring that the criminal justice as well as the homeless population receives appropriate services. Assisted Outpatient Treatment (Kendra’s Law), Rapid Engagement Demonstration (RED), Transition Management Services, Single Point of Access (SPOA) and Medication Grant Program are also available.

Disability Rights New York (Drny)

Disability Rights New York (DRNY) is the Protection & Advocacy System and Client Assistance Program (P&A/CAP) for persons with disabilities in New York. As the P&A/CAP for New York, DRNY advocates for the civil and legal rights for New Yorkers with disabilities.

The Client Assistance Program (CAP) is for individuals who are applying for vocational rehabilitation services (ACCES-VR and NYS Commission for the Blind). It provides information about rights and assists individuals in resolving disputes.

The Protection and Advocacy Program (PAIMI) provides services to individuals with a diagnosis of serious mental illness. The services include: advice/counsel; support in pursuing administrative remedies; technical assistance; investigation and monitoring; negotiation or mediation; direct legal representation; training; information or referral. The PAIMI program places a priority on serving persons with serious mental illness who live in facilities that provide care and treatment, but also serves individuals with serious mental illness who live in the community. There is no charge for our services.

Phone: 1-800-993-8982

Local Address: 44 Exchange Blvd. Ste. 110 Rochester, NY 14614

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