Community Education

For the entire community…

  • Educational presentations and workshops and practical information for the community on a variety of mental health topics (such as stress management, coping with symptoms of mental illness and managing recovery).
  • A free Therapist Referral Service – providing the names of therapists in private practice who are accepting new clients
  • A Support Group Directory that provides information on dozens of local support groups (available online here)
  • Finding Your Way: A Guide to Behavioral Health Services in Monroe and Livingston Counties – provides information about available mental health resources (available online here)
  • The Vangellow Family Resource Center (our Library) offers a variety of books and resources on mental health topics.
  • Anger Management Classes: Please call 585-325-3145 for information.
  • For adults with psychiatric disorders…
    Personalized support that helps individuals achieve self-sufficiency and maintain mental and physical wellness.

Special Education Resources…

Call our main office at 585.325.3145 for more information.

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Peer Support Services
Drop-in Center
Life Skills Services
Creative Wellness Opportunities
Family Support Servives