What are the Building Milestones Transition Aged Youth Programs?

Many transition aged youth that experience various mental health challenges miss critical life development milestones.

Due to various circumstances, these youth had to delay milestones like their first job, their first bank account, learning to cook, and others. The skills built around these milestones are crucial points on the road to adulthood.

This innovative program offers opportunities for youth ages 16 to 24 to acquire the life skills needed to successfully transition to adulthood and have the tools to live a more independent life.

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All programs are free of charge

Program Modules

How to Boil Water

Participants will understand the role of food in their life, make healthy food choices, successfully navigate a grocery shopping experience, and safely prepare and store healthy meals.

Fall 2017 Classes

Thursdays 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
October 26th to December 7th

Mental Health Association-Life Skills Services Building
344 N. Goodman St.
Rochester, NY 14607

Facilitated by Adrian Wright, Director of Life Skills Services. Contact her.

Module made possible thanks to a generous grant from



The World of Work

Participants will learn the skills necessary to look for, obtain, and maintain employment. This module will discuss and provide tips and strategies for participants to deal with stress related to work and appropriately navigate situations when things don’t go well.

Lessons include:

  • Being a responsible worker
  • Having necessary identificiation
  • Filling out applications and doing an interview
  • Employer expectations
  • Managing workplace stress and anxiety

Includes one-on-one support sessions.

Fall 2017 Classes
Mondays 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
October 23rd to November 27th

Mental Health Association-Life Skills Services Building
344 N. Goodman St.
Rochester, NY 14607

Facilitated by John Hogan, Employment Support Specialist. Contact him.

Module made possible thanks to a generous grant from



Peaceful Warriors: Yoga and Mindfulness

Reduce stress & support your mental health with a free yoga & mindfulness course for anyone ages 16-24. In this six week course, you will use yoga, meditation, and journaling to learn new skills for managing stress and anxiety. The focus of the series will be introducing you to the foundations of yoga and meditation. Each class will include: community check in, beginners yoga practice, reflection, and group sharing. The curriculum for the six-week session will include fundamental yoga skills such as conscious breathing, syncing breath and movement, and developing a plan for a healthy lifestyle. This first 6 week session will allow you to learn the basic skills needed for you to continue these practices on your own.

Wednesdays 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
October 25th to December 6th 2017

To sign up, contact us using the form below or call the front desk at 585.325.3145 x100

Module led by Lynn Boucher of Rochester Yoga Revolution.

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Module made possible thanks to a generous grant from:

Future Classes

Financial Literacy

Learning about budgeting, credit, creating a bank account and more


Independent Mobility

Learning about various methods of transportation, how to use them and how to manage the feelings associated with getting around on your own.

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