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Mental Health Association Family Support

320 N. Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14607
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(585) 325-3145 x117

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The Mental Health Association provides support to families of children with emotional or behavioral health challenges

A Family Peer Advocate is a caregiver who has experienced what you’re going through

We offer:

  • Support by phone, in person, in groups or individually
  • Assistance with school issues—education advocacy
  • Teen support
  • Assistance in identifying and developing natural supports
  • Caregiver discussion, education and skill-building groups
June 2017 Family Education BrochureServicios De Apoyo Familiar Educación Familiar Junio 2017
July 2017 Family Education BrochureServicios De Apoyo Familiar Educación Familiar Julio 2017
Family Support Services Fact SheetHoja de Datos para Servicios de Apoyo Familiar
Temper Tamers 2017 Coffee Club
2017 Daytimers

Family Education Workshops: (click on each title to see more information)

June 2017:

Friday, June 2 – When the Chips Are Down©
Disciplining Children with Behavioral Challenges

Monday, June 12 – Spontaneous Incentives

Tuesday, June 13 – Cyber Safety

Wednesday, June 14 – Intervening Between Siblings

Friday, June 16 – Last One Picked, First One Picked On©

Monday, June 19 – Natural and Logical Consequences

Tuesday, June 20 – Responsibility and Discipline – Active Parenting©

Wednesday, June 21 – Following Through with Requests

Monday, June 26 – Understanding Young Children’s Behavior

Tuesday, June 27 – Winning Cooperation

Wednesday, June 28 – Reducing Power Struggles

Friday, June 30 – Courage, Character, and Self-Esteem

July 2017:

Wednesday, July 5 – Promoting Self-Reliance in Children

Friday, July 7 – Positive Discipline for Young Children

Monday, July 10 – Building Responsibility

Tuesday, July 11 – The First Years Last Forever

Monday, July 17 – Handling Misbehavior

Tuesday, July 18 – Praise and Encouragement

Wednesday, July 19 – Problem-Solving Techniques

Friday, July 21 – “Nothing Works”: Discipline Makes a Difference

Monday, July 24 – Separations and Reunions

Tuesday, July 25 – Child’s Play

Wednesday, July 26 – Time Out to Calm Down


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