Staff Directory

Mental Health Association


Valerie Way - President/CEO Ext. 112 Email Me
Andriana Lozier, LMHC - VP of Operations Ext. 115 Email Me
Michael Freeman - Senior Accountant Ext. 111 Email Me
Ashlie Jones - Operations Coordinator Ext. 110 Email Me


Apryl Calaci, CRPA - Marketing & Development Coordinator Ext. 114 Email Me
Ellen Rogers - Office Manager Ext. 128 Email Me

Family and Youth Peer Support Services

Nitza Rodriguez, MS, LMFT - Director Ext. 152 Email Me
Maria Cruz - Program Coordinator Ext. 150 Email Me
Angie Coville - Quality Assurance Analyst Ext. 118 Email Me
Jasmin McLaren - Family Peer Advocate Ext. 148 Email Me
Julie Febrey - Family Peer Advocate Ext. 122 Email Me
Ken Maher - Receptionist Ext. 100 Email Me
Sarahi Rosa Esquilín - Family Peer Advocate Ext. 138 Email Me
Sonya Jackson - Family Peer Advocate Ext. 137 Email Me
Jemilyann Pierluissi-Santiago - Youth Peer Advocate Email Me

CORE Services
Affinity Place
Inpatient Outreach

Tammy DeMarle - Director of CORE Services Ext. 129 Email Me
Cathleen Cone-Fitzpatrick - Peer Support Specialist Ext. 607 Email Me
Kenneth Lewis - Peer Support Specialist Ext. 608 Email Me
Kristin Huntington - Peer Support Specialist Ext. 151 Email Me
Maria Monacelli - Peer Support Specialist Ext. 604 Email Me
Michele DiGennaro - Peer Support Specialist Ext. 601 Email Me
Sam Beach - Peer Support Specialist Ext. 140 Email Me
Robert Matthews - Peer Specialist (DePaul) Ext. 219 Email Me
Pat King - Community Peer Support Specialist Ext. 213 Email Me

Creative Wellness Opportunities

Sarah Kinard - Director Ext. 119 Email Me
Lisa Ferrari - Peer Program Assistant Ext. 142 Email Me
Julia Payne-Lewis - Peer Program Assistant Ext. 143 Email Me

Employment and Educational Services

Michele Eckert - Director of Employment and Education Services Ext. 121 Email Me
Liz Turek - Education Specialist - MHA Peer Training Academy Ext. 220 Email Me
Todd Nesbitt - Employment Specialist Ext. 120 Email Me

Life Skills Services

Michele Eckert - Director of Employment and Education Services Ext. 121 Email Me
Diane Spann - Administrative Assistant Ext. 212 Email Me
Arthur Butler - Peer Assistant Ext. 221 Email Me
Barbara Sebastian - Peer Assistant Ext. 215 Email Me
Lorrie Boyce - Peer Assistant Ext. 216 Email Me
Mona Baker - Peer Specialist Ext. 217 Email Me
Josephine Vasquez - Resource Navigator Ext. 218 Email Me

Self-Help Drop-In Support Services

Tosalin Wilson - Director of Self-help Drop-in Support Services Ext. 306 Email Me
Monica Blodgett - Site Coordinator Ext. 303 Email Me
Jimmy Waite - Program Assistant Ext. 305 Email Me
Lisa Snyder - Administrative Assistant Ext. 132 Email Me

Livingston County

Avon, New York 14414

Brock Thrasher - Program Coordinator - Livingston County Ext. 585-333-6013 Email Me

Ontario County

120 North Main St.
Canandaigua, NY 14424
(585) 629-0386

Wendy Webster - Program Coordinator - Ontario County Ext. 501 Email Me