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Stories of Wellness: Karen Delgado

August 7, 2017

Stories of Wellness: Karen Delgado As a child, my mother struggled with depression and bipolar, while my father battled with PTSD after the Vietnam War….read more

Both Sides of Social Media

August 2, 2017

Both Sides of Social Media How people present themselves on social media doesn’t necessarily show the totality of their experience. Most people only present the…read more

Using PTO for your Mental Health

July 26, 2017

Using PTO (sick days) for your Mental Health Script: Hi!  My name is LaQuonna Douglass, and I am the Employment Support Specialist here at Mental…read more

Minority Mental Health Month

July 12, 2017

July is minority mental health month. This is a great opportunity to bring awareness to mental health issues for people of color and start new…read more

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